Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why we can't have free energy

Check out this video from Thrive. There is a reason why America can't have cheap, abundant, free energy. You always imagined why. It wasn't profitable enough for the powers-that-be. In point of fact it couldn't be 'metered'.

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Anonymous said... This link may explain why we don't have free energy.This secret,now exposed, annual meeting of the 1%'s shamelessness,has wealthy people placing humanity below making their next billion dollars.I've come to realize that their greed won't be satisfied. Maybe it's the beast they chose to feed in themselves?
While they have been meeting secretly, annually for the past 80 years, they laughed at their 2008-09 banking bailout schemes successfulness at the expense of millions of ruined lives. One is heard joking sarcastically, "Hey where are the jobs". Goldman Sach was there and other Bankers who walked away post Banking bailout, free and more wealthy than before. Their scam was an annual celebration, with their singing "Bailout King" using the tune of ABBA's "Dancing Queen". While these wealthy men cross dressing in drag, made fun of gays, and "filthy Liberals" (their words). We are shown a sneak peek at their true natures. A dark side they wouldn't ever show the rest of the world or media in their guarded pretense at interviews.
These men aren't made of the same stuff as those who want to be remembered for the good they do. Clearly they traded in their humanity as they stepped over the bodies climbing their way to what they assume is the "top"?
I was hoping in seeing this article and hearing their words, in watching them in action, that I'd come to find how they became so callous, so selfish in their rise to the top. Their rise to wealth came without so much as a thought of the ruined lives, or the planet we share.These mean nothing to them. For 80 years they have carefully planned and bought this power together, and so purchased whatever and who ever stood in their way.They have not purchased our souls or our votes, yet. Listening to the information this journalist shows us,(while hiding under a table with his cell phone,one brave journalist dares to video their ugliness, their celebration of their perceived win, to them it's all a game. Many arrived cross dressed to shamefully make fun of gays, but mostly, they made fun of the millions of lives they ruined, because they could. They intend to pollute at will, and charge us as much as possible doing it too.If using poisonous chemicals or blowing off mountain tops helps them make more money, they could care less. We can still stop them. Now that we have their names. We can expose them, and their plans. We can have free energy. Just stop buying their poison.