Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why we can't have free energy

Check out this video from Thrive. There is a reason why America can't have cheap, abundant, free energy. You always imagined why. It wasn't profitable enough for the powers-that-be. In point of fact it couldn't be 'metered'.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

To say that the glass is half-full or half-empty is the tactical ploy of a con-artist trying to sell you something. The perception that it is half-full or half-empty is an illusion. Moreover it is bone-dry unless one fills it oneself. In that way one controls the content of the glass. Furthermore to think that perception is reality, and consciousness is entirely a matter of selective perception is ludicrous. That does not take into account the source of causation. If you didn’t exist, the source would anyway. And the proof is the objectivity of Universal Law. Imagining one’s reality the precise way one wants it to be to showcase an idealized image of oneself is a fool’s errand. You simply are what you are. If you want to argue the fine points of ideology that’s your prerogative, but it gets you no closer to your goal. It’s the game plan of the Children of Belial to keep humanity distracted from uniting in a common cause. As far as their game plan is concerned, it will work to perfection until the realization dawns you’ve actually gained nothing but strife. Therefore you play the hand you are dealt. Whether you win or lose the hand depends upon the cards you hold, and how you play them.
The current preoccupation with End-Times mythology has humanity looking backward, lamenting the end of something, or loss of something, tangible or intangible.  The negative connotations of the phrase ‘End-Times’ alone is a cause for concern.  It conjures up images of cataclysm and human tragedy that are guaranteed to instill resignation instead of hope; bring on panic attacks as opposed to measured, rational responses.  I suppose it is simply a matter of perspective.  Maybe what is wrong with humanity has been and always will be the penchant it has for drama.  The prospect of ‘loss’ is particularly acute when the prospect of ‘gain’ is tenuous, and it feeds that flair for the dramatic.  Such is the nature of prophecy because people will see what they want to see for their own reasons.  Too often they will focus their attention upon what they don’t have as opposed to what they do.  For this reason many do not embrace change.  They fear it instead, and really don’t take the time to understand it, or why it’s happening.  To tell them to ‘relax and go with the flow’ probably isn’t going to cut it as a solution. The positive way to view the so-called ‘End-Times’ is to recognize that it offers a new opportunity, in addition to being a challenge.  With an ending there is also the potential of a new beginning.  When one door closes, another opens.  That is where the attention should be focused.  With the end of the old comes the beginning of the new.  It has always been this way, even if no one cares to see it in the fullness of how it should be seen.  What is required is a change in perspective.  Rather than lamenting the loss of something (particularly if it is considered inevitable), perhaps we should celebrate the gain of something.  That something could be an opportunity to rejuvenate the human being, right the wrongs of the past, set the record straight, and look with hope to the dawning of a new day.  The promise envisioned is nothing less than the realization of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of Man.  It may be it is not recognized as such by the rank and file of the doomsday watchers.  Can they keep a level head when The Second Coming doesn’t turn out to be what they expect it to be?