Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael is now on Twitter

Michael is now on Twitter
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Truth Never Changes Earth Changes," Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews for Truth Never Changes Earth Changes by Michael L. Kilday

"A remarkable work of prophetic imagery, biography, and social history as Michael L. Kilday shows us a critical analysis of TRUTH. You need to buy this book for all your friends, family, as anyone and everyone you know will be discussing the possibilities presented. --Dennis J. Schleicher, best-selling author and counselor

"Anyone who has ever questioned whether or not prophecy is relevant needs to read this book before deciding. --Dan Uitti, Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association President"

"Mr. Kilday approaches the subject of Earth Changes like a CSI would approach the study of forensic science. He amasses the evidence, examines it without bias, and comes to a conclusion based upon the evidence. --Jerry Labriola, M.D., mystery writer and forensic lecturer"

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Shock of Humanity

“The shock and awe primitive Man felt observing the wonders of Nature pre-dates a desire to philosophize. The human interest in psychic phenomena pre-dates the rise of religious belief systems. The reliance upon religion to provide the answers for our most heartfelt questions precedes reliance upon science to provide them. Is there another ‘bridge to cross’ just beyond the horizon? Are we at a crossroads in our development when it is time to integrate our sources?”

“We live in a world where ideology controls the intellectual commerce of humanity. Like-minded zealots join together to do the dirty work of their ideological masters, embracing their objectives without questioning their motives. Battle lines are drawn across the great divide of ethnic diversity and ideological rivalry. Will the craving for ideological warfare preside over our ultimate doom?”