Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From The Genesis of the path, a perspective on the The Great Return. Ancient civilizations like the Mayan, Aztec, Tibetan, Egyptian, Sumerian , and Persian anticipated a visit from their gods at regular intervals. In some sense, each one of their respective prophecies foretold of such events. When each one of them adhered to a similar if not identical view of The Great Return, would that qualify as mass delusion? Or as in the case of the myth of the Great Flood was it a shared remembrance of actual events occurring in the distant past?


Steven E. Belanger said...

Always thought the flood stories in the OT and Gilgamesh (which pre-dates the OT) had some basis in truth. Beneath the Mediterranean Sea is dry land--one day, the Strait of Gibraltar opened up and flooded it all in. There are islands with ancient steps leading right into the water--water that hadn't always been there. There's a house foundation near me that leads right into the local bay for the same reason; a hurricane from the 50s just widened up the bay and flooded the land. Anyway, that must have been a world-wide flood to those alive in the area at the time, as their own environment was the only world they knew.

Brian said...

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